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WIBcms - the simple maintenance tool for your homepage
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WIBcms - what else do you want?

WIBcms: the easy maintenance of your homepage

The WIBcms (WIB stands for Wemheuer Ingenieur-Büro, CMS stands for "Content Management System") is a simple, but also easy to use and yet powerful tool to keep your homepage up to date without much effort.

It already offers many ready-made modules without additional "plugins" or "add-ons",
which can be adapted relatively easily to your ideas, for example:

  • picture galleries and photo albums in various designs and presentation forms
  • interactive picture galleries with evaluation functions
  • Guestbook, discussion forums and blogs with spam protection
  • Contact forms, also protected against spam
  • prepared page for a site plan with route planner
  • Calendar of events in various forms of presentation
  • Wikis and FAQs (unfortunately only in preparation)
  • Download pages for downloadable materials
  • Infoboxes with news as "sidebar" and of course
  • "normal pages" with text, pictures and links

For administration there are also such "little things" like a log file, user administration, backup functions, an update function (if there is a new WIBcms version) and of course extensive configuration possibilities for the layout and maintenance of your web presence - without having to have technical knowledge.

What we also attached importance to:

All pages are HTML5-compliant and CSS3-compatible! You can even test this yourself, because the links to the HTML validator and CSS checker are also built in;-)
This also allows (largely) barrier-free access to your homepage, as is taken for granted or even required nowadays!

A slim, tidy HTML code is also a matter of course - for a flawless display in all browsers on all platforms (desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs or whatever else may come along...) - instead of the unspeakable "div deserts" or superfluous (because never used) graphic downlads in some other CMS or self-created websites...