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The download module

Why an own download module?

Very simple: to make administration easy for you! Because especially with extensive material collections (for example technical data sheets) there is the recurring handling:

  • Upload the file to the web server ("where, in which folder do I have to upload it?")
  • On the download page, enter the title of the document and the link to it (and also make sure that the link opens on a new page...)
  • By the way, as a comfort function you can determine the expected download size of the file and write it in...
  • And then comes a new version of the document - delete the old version and the game starts all over again...

This is easier in WIBcms, if you set up a download area in the site structure, which may also have subcategories:

  • Select category, type in the document title and upload the file - done! Everything else automatically appears in the right place.
  • The same with the update: Select old document, upload new document - done!