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Privacy Statements

We avoid collecting personal data about the users of the website.
We do not use analysis tools or other tracking methods.

So what traces do you leave behind when you visit our homepage?

On our web server

We would like to know how many visitors look at our websites, which information is requested how often, and of course whether there are technical or editorial problems. For this purpose, we save a line in a log file with every page view, which looks like this as an example and contains the following information: - - [23/Mar/2017:08:25:24 +0100] "GET /images/wolken.jpg HTTP/1.1" 200 17985 "https://wibcms.de/?Datenschutz" "Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; CPU OS 9_3_5 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/600.1.4 (KHTML, like Gecko) GSA/23.1.148956103 Mobile/13G36 Safari/600.1.4"

On the Internet

Your Internet provider will probably save the connection data as so-called "metadata" - i.e. not what was transmitted in terms of content, but that and when you were active on the Internet. We cannot influence this - please ask your provider.

The data traffic itself is carried out via the https protocol, i.e. it is encrypted so that no one can read the data traffic on the way.

On your end device

When you call up our pages, nothing is stored on the device you use (PC, tablet, smartphone, smart TV...). Only when you log in with a user name (or e-mail address) and a password will your login be stored as a unique ID number in a so-called session cookie on your device.

This cookie is automatically deleted from your device as soon as you close your internet browser or switch off your device.

When you contact us

You can use the contact form (this data reaches us by e-mail and is not stored on our web server), send us an e-mail directly or call us.

In all cases, we use and store your contact information only to process your concern
and only until your request is answered to your satisfaction.