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Just why another CMS?

We look after small companies, associations and private users who wish to have an internet presence. Who maintains the homepage when it is online? Right: someone whose main task and competence is actually quite different. Besides the actual job. From time to time.

The standard answer is then often: "Why don't you use Wordpress? Or Joomla or Drupal."
Sure, we looked at these solutions - and were slightly shocked:

  1. Did you have a look at the HTML code?
    There are dozens of stylesheets loaded, jQuery anyway and emojis, although nobody uses them. But we have resources in abundance and send megabytes of data over the line - or over the mobile phone masts...
  2. Have you looked at the log files on your web server once?
    Most error messages and "break-in attempts" come from sites like /wp-admin/ or /wp-login/ or something like that. No need to comment...
  3. Have you ever looked at the faces of the "caregivers" who were sentenced to this?
    If you asked them: "And now try yourself to insert a new page, exchange a brochure for download or update the gallery of fair pictures". OK - a maintenance contract for the homepage is not to be sneezed at, but user-friendliness certainly looks different...

And then there was the special request for a customer login, where customers can search for spare parts - and for certain customers even with price information. Please without extra shop system: all customer and spare parts data are available as excel sheets and should be imported. Multilingual? With Wordpress?

Is there no easier solution?

Well - ahem, cough - right now there is: the WIBcms.