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WIBcms - the simple maintenance tool for your homepage
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How does the WIBcms work?

The technical prerequisite is, of course, a web server on which your own PHP scripts are permitted. Whether this is an Apache, nginx or IIS server under Linux or Windows is irrelevant - only PHP must be installed. Tested from PHP version 5.2.0 up to (currently quite up-to-date) PHP version 8.2.x. Without additional PEAR or other extensions.

(OK: extensions are used, for example the text editor "TinyMCE" or - only if needed for customer-specific requirements - a module for reading Excel files. But these can be easily loaded in the administration or are simply included in the basic version).

In the original version, WIBcms even ran without a database; the data was stored in pure text files. However, this proved to be a bit cumbersome during further development, so now text files are still used for configuration, but an SQLite database is used for the actual content. SQLite because it is already included in PHP anyway and thus the additional administration of a database (MySQL or something) is not necessary.

And how much memory do you need? The actual "core" is not even 1 MByte in size. In addition, there is the memory requirement for media to be included, such as logos, images or material to be downloaded from your homepage. This website, for example, takes up about 100 MByte...

So all you need is an inexpensive provider, for example Bitpalast.